Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

We specialize in the Greenfield Development of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the United States.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investors

The principals at ISS know how to structure solar investments to provide dependable returns and guaranteed exit strategies for investors.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Our Projects

We go the extra mile in helping our project buyers bring these projects to commercial operation, which is why all of our projects have been developed and sold to repeat customers, who have been glad to prepare positive glowing testimonials for ISS.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investments

We offer custom tailored solar investments to investors in as little as 90 days that are yielding some of the highest returns in the industry.

It's Time To Invest In Solar Energy

At Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) we focus and specialize in the Greenfield development of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US.  Our team of professionals strive to design our Solar Farms focusing on three primary principals: minimizing construction cost, maximizing power generation/acre, and securing a finance-able Power Purchase Agreements; thus maximizing the value and returns on our Solar Farms for all parties involved. Solar Farm investments makes good sense, not only for a cleaner future of energy production, but as a stable, low risk investment with potentially superior returns than those found on the markets.

Not only does our team include a robust and knowledgeable group of engineers, but finance individuals with the understanding on how to maximize the value of these solar farm projects. We have a deep understanding of how to maximize the return on a solar farm, what makes a solar farm ‘financeable’ and how to secure the value using insurance wraps, and understanding how the cash flows from these farms can be leveraged.  As the Solar Farm industry in the US becomes normalized and more predictable, ISS will be leading the charge with some of the best performing solar farms available.

In addition to our Engineers and Finance Professionals, ISS has retained in house counsel and key PPA negotiators so we can have multiple options on securing attractive PPAs for our well-designed Solar Farms.  Being active in multiple markets in over 20 states allows ISS to secure PPAs via multiple means, including PURPA, Synthetic, Corporate, and direct PPA with credit worthy Municipalities and COOPS.  Having various means to lock in long term secured cash flows.

Being active in over 20 states, various energy markets, and having over 150 Solar Farm Projects in our pipeline has created multiple opportunities for investors and strategic partners.

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