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505 MW Texas Portfolio Now Available For Sale


For serious investors looking for ownership of Solar PV Power Plants in Texas, Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) has a new portfolio of 505 MW of premium solar projects waiting to be secured. ISS develops these projects and delivers them at shovel ready status. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we expect these to be secured very quickly! Innovative Solar Systems offers a standard structure transaction, which mitigates early development risk, offered nowhere else in the US Solar Industry.


This Texas portfolio consists of 10 premium projects, ranging from 20MWac – 80MWac in size, and are expected to reach a shovel-ready status in 18 months. Securing these projects requires a deposit of $7.65MM USD.


 ‘CCP’ “…was introduced to the Innovative Solar Systems (“ISS”) team as part of a portfolio acquisition completed in late 2015. The successful completion of the transaction was predicated on the three projects comprising the portfolio meeting a robust list of project acceptance conditions which, in aggregate, would ensure the portfolio was construction ready. I’ve been extremely impressed with the level of integrity, dedication, commitment and work ethic demonstrated by Richard Green and the entire ISS development team. Throughout the transaction process, ISS successfully leveraged local relationships and their experienced development team to push each of the projects forward to a successful close. ISS honored every commitment made under our original letter of intent and, in many instances, went above and beyond what they were contractually obligated to deliver.”

~CCP another satisfied ISS Client


Innovative Solar Systems, LLC only transacts on large portfolios of solar farm projects, that is, portfolios 300MWac and greater in size. Economy of scale is one of many reasons why ISS can readily fill client needs and provide double digit returns consistently. If you are a large capital group, fund or entity interested in Utility Scale Solar Farms and can review project portfolios fast and efficiently, contact us today to see if ISS is the right fit for your Solar Farm needs.


For further information regarding this and other portfolios of projects available at Innovative Solar Systems, contact Craig Sherman, CFO, +1 (828) 620-2707, or John Green, CEO, 1+ (828) 215-9064,


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