Solar Investments Asheville

Solar Investments Asheville

Many investors know that PV (photovoltaic) solar farms don’t generate enough electricity to produce superior financial returns on their own. However, the federal and state governments want to “grow” the renewable energy industry. The federal government currently is giving 30% tax credits in the first year. In addition, many states offer incentives and solar farm owners can take accelerated tax deductions for depreciation over 5 years. At ISS our principals know that once the tax benefits are included,  solar investments can achieve IRRs (Internal Rates of Return) above 10% (well above market average).  In many cases, the returns can be guaranteed and the investors can have 5-year exit strategies. We can provide investors with custom tailored solar investments in as little as 90 days. There are not many investments around today that deliver these kinds of results that solar investments can. Many solar farm developers are willing to do sale/leaseback contracts that provide the investor with guaranteed cash flows and no maintenance concerns. In addition, the investor can use a “put” contract to sell the system back to the solar farm developer at the end of the 5-year period when the tax subsidies are exhausted. The principals at ISS know how to structure solar investments to provide dependable returns and guaranteed exit strategies for investors. State mandated renewable energy targets are forcing utility companies to purchase more and more renewable energy. Corporate mandates and increasing, adding to the demand of efficient clean energy production. PV solar farms are one of the more attractive ways for utilities and corporations to purchase solar power at competitive prices. Call the principals at ISS today to find out more about solar investments in PV solar farms. We offer custom tailored solar investments to investors in as little as 90 days that are yielding some of the highest returns in the industry.

Early Stage Solar Investments

Having experience over 20x growth over the past 18 months, Innovative Solar Systems is seeking financial partners to assist in the financing of early stage development of solar farms.  Although some may view this as a risky investment, we have also made it a cheap investment.  The amount being sought represents less than 1% of the cost to bring a Solar Farm to Commercial Operation Date.  Not only can financial investors expect a projected return of over 2x in less than 3 years, but a strategic investor can negotiate and be offered other terms to increase the value of this early stage investment.

Innovative Solar Systems utilizes a simple Limited Partnership structure to facilitate this investment. The investor contributes funds to the LP, a Special Purpose Vehicle (‘SPV’) and Innovative Solar Systems contribute Solar Farm Project LLCs to the SPV.  In exchange for the contribution, both parties receive member shares of the SPV.  The SPV then funds project development and releases funds to ISS via monthly draws in accordance to a developer services agreement.  Once a Solar Farm Project LLC is available for sale, it is sold and the proceeds are distributed to the members of the SPV.


Bridge Investments

Once a Solar Farm Project LCC is defined as ‘Shovel Ready’, it is typically sold by Innovative Solar Systems. On occasion there is a desire to retain ownership of the Solar Farm Project LLC and a need to bring the superior performing project to a Notice to Proceed (‘NTP’).  In order to do this, we need to adhere to financial deliverables due on the Power Purchase Agreement and Interconnection Agreement. Generally this is a $5MM – $10MM investment per project.  By bringing a project to NTP it greatly increases the value and return on your investment.


Long Term Investments – Ownership

Acting as an incubator of Solar Farms and having the largest pipeline of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects in the US makes innovative Solar Systems LLC your one stop shop to acquire and own large portfolios of Solar Farm Projects.  We have multiple avenues in which you can secure Solar Farm projects at an early stage while removing early stage development risk. When we have site control, a PPA, and line of sight on the interconnection we make portfolio of project available for presale. Once you secure your projects via a deposit, we guarantee to bring them to a shovel ready status. If we fail to do so, the funds deposited are rolled over and credited against the final purchase of another Solar Farm project in the portfolio.  These portfolios are designed to satisfy the appetite of large scale institutional investors seeking over 200MW of solar farm project ownership in the US.  In addition, early stage investors committed to financing of 2GWac of more of early Stage Solar Farms have the first opportunity to secure these projects.  Of course, we also have some projects available at shovel ready, and you can always join our mailing list of available Solar Farm projects in which have accomplished Site Control, Power Purchase Agreements, and Interconnection agreement.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investors

The principals at ISS know how to structure solar investments to provide dependable returns and guaranteed exit strategies for investors.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Our Projects

We go the extra mile in helping our project buyers bring these projects to commercial operation, which is why all of our projects have been developed and sold to repeat customers, who have been glad to prepare positive glowing testimonials for ISS.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investments

We offer custom tailored solar investments to investors in as little as 90 days that are yielding some of the highest returns in the industry.

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