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Solar Investors in Asheville

At Innovative Solar Systems we cater to a multitude of solar investors with an appetite for Utility Scale Solar Farms.  Acting as an incubator of Solar Farm Projects in over 20 states has positioned ISS to address the needs of these institutions.

Developers:  Having designed some of the largest Solar Farms east of the Rockies, ISS’ Solar Farm Projects are routinely being sought after by developers, of which purchase these Solar investor Farms and bring them into commercial operation, selling the finished projects.  As the market for ‘shovel ready projects’ is undergoing higher demand, the superior performing projects are being secured prior to the point in which historically they the Market.  These later stage developers are partnering with Greenfield Developers, such as ISS, in order to secure these projects.

Large family offices, infrastructure and pension funds:  Being as Utility Scale Solar Farms value is deeply knit with cash flow receivables, projected up to 40 years, well financed global entities seek out these assets for long term ownership and the ability to leverage and trade the future cash flows.  As the cost of construction for Solar continues to decrease, making it the cheapest and cleanest method to produce power, these large entities actively seek projects and large portfolios of projects to satisfy their appetite.

Risk tolerant family office and private wealthy investors:  Risk tolerant family offices and wealthy investors are attracted to the rich returns found in Greenfield development, where profit margins are only paled by viral apps hard access Silicon Valley tech companies.  These solar investors will enjoy returns north of 3x by taking on early development risk.  By investing in a pool of Greenfield projects, a hedge is created, hedging the risk of a loss and maximizing the chance for a rich return on your investment.

Strategic Partners: Developers, OEM Manufacturers, and long-term Solar Farm owners are partnering with Greenfield developers. Developers and entities desiring to own superior performing Solar Farms are seeking up strategic alliances with Greenfield Developers, increasing the chance of owning the ‘Crown Jewels’ of Solar Farms. OEM manufacturers are partnering securing an appetite for the products they produce, securing demand for their product.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investors

The principals at ISS know how to structure solar investments to provide dependable returns and guaranteed exit strategies for investors.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Our Projects

We go the extra mile in helping our project buyers bring these projects to commercial operation, which is why all of our projects have been developed and sold to repeat customers, who have been glad to prepare positive glowing testimonials for ISS.

Solar Investments | Innovative Solar Systems

Solar Investments

We offer custom tailored solar investments to investors in as little as 90 days that are yielding some of the highest returns in the industry.

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